High, Medium and Low Voltage

We work closely with you to identify your needs and implement a viable and customised solution. All our operators hold relevant national accreditations as well as any specific customer accreditations that may be required. We never underestimate the importance of safety and have implemented a rigorous HSE Management System to guarantee the safety of everyone on site. 24hr a day Emergency Response 

Entron’s unparalleled experience and expertise ensures we have the capabilities to assist you with various projects including:

  • HV and LV Pole Replacement and Maintenance 
  • HV and LV Overhead Conductor Stringing
  • Distribution Power Pole and Asset Inspections
  • Distribution HV and LV, scoping and Planning services 
  • Distribution Spray washing
  • Overhead Customer Service replacement
  • Live Distribution HV Overhead Line works (Glove and Barrier technique)
  • Live Distribution LV Overhead line works
  • Cable Fault repairs and locating services
  • Electrical services
  • Streetlight Pole Installation and Maintenance works
  • Distribution HV and LV Demolition Works

Power Pole Maintenance & Construction

Asset Inspections

Street Light Maintenance and Construction